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So, what is autoART all about?

autoART is a place where creative minds that are interested in automotive photography can come together and create a community to learn, teach, inspire, and be inspired! Here you will find individuals from all ages, skill levels, and from a variety of locations around the world that want to create something that stands out and others can say "WOW! That's awesome!" They can also compete and put their creativness up against others who share the common drive creating art.

What is the primary focus?

The primary focus of autoART is to utilize photomode features of a certain few video games currently on the market. These games include:

  • PS2™ - Gran Turismo 4™
  • PS3™ - Gran Turismo 5 Prologue™
  • PS3™ - Gran Turismo 5™
  • XBOX 360™ - Forza Motorsport 2™
  • XBOX 360™ - Project Gotham Racing 3™
  • XBOX 360™ - Project Gotham Racing 4™
  • Multi-Platform - Test Drive Unlimited™
  • Multi-Platform - Need For Speed Pro Street™
  • Multi-Platform - Need For Speed Undercover™

So the user would use one of these games and take their picture however they want, and post it to our site via the competitions. The main idea though is to be creative and come up with something that is inspiring. One way to go about this is to use photo-editing software like Adobe Photoshop™ or Gimp™. We also have tutorials on our site that will help you get established if you are a beginer to photo-editing.

How do I get involved?

It's quick, and it's easy! Just simply fill out a couple of information fields to become a member, and viola! Welcome to autoART! autoART is free and easy to use. A basic membership gets you access to the forums where you can participate in photomode competitions, and you can also submit your tutorials and ideas to be posted in our tutorials section of the website. Click Here to join today!